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Things to do in Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas

Curious to know the best activities to take part in on that trip to Vegas? Check out some of the most popular activities to do by yourself or with the whole family!

In a big city like Las Vegas, finding the best activities can be hard. From museums, to shows, to bars, to nightclubs, there's so much this city has to offer! Whether you're looking for a fun, physical activity or something to simply relax and enjoy, we have something that fits the needs of everyone!

If you're looking to dance the night away with your friends at some of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas, the popular V Card makes it possible to get into all the top nightclubs, dayclubs, lounges, strip clubs and much more! Skip the hassle of long lines and enormous fees and pick up your V Card to make your trip to Las Vegas one for the books!

If you're looking for a different kind of fun to have in Vegas, get in touch with your wild side and try the Stripper 101 class! This class is a great way to entertain yourself and have some fun doing something you've never done before! Taught by the best Las Vegas strippers, you can learn the most popular moves in pole dancing! Who said learning something new can't be fun? Whether you're taking the class alone or with friends, this class makes for a spicy new way to do something out of the ordinary on your vacation!

Don't go away yet! We have SO much more to offer! Aside from the hottest nightclubs and a pole dancing class, seeing a Las Vegas show is a great way to do something fun by yourself or with the whole family!

Top Must-see Shows in Las Vegas

VEGAS! The Show - Sinatra sang the classic song about the city of "New York, New York" ...wait a minute, New York? Try Vegas, Vegas, and more VEGAS! This show lets you see the evolution of an amazing city that was brought to life by all the most legendary performers this country has ever seen. How many cities can you say were built into what they are today by the incredible talent that inhabited it? Many of the hotels on the Strip are where these celebrities came to the height of their careers! Come see the show all about the city that started it all, Las Vegas!

Zombie Burlesque - There aren't many live shows around anymore where you can see burlesque choreography. This sassy, comedic musical combines 60's-style choreography and songs from classic horror films.
You might ask: "But can't I see that in other shows?"
You probably can, but what this show has that none of the others have are musical numbers performed by beautiful zombies! "Zombies?!" You heard that right, ZOMBIES! This show has a cast filled with only the sexiest zombie women! Experience the zombie takeover in a show that will take you on a hilarious, wild ride!

V - The Ultimate Variety Show - The newest craze in the country right now is variety shows! After America's Got Talent started making waves with their "all in one" talent show, the stage show versions started hitting the scene! This show has such a "variety" of talent, that it's impossible to go to see just one thing. From magic, to music, to comedy, this show has the top acts on the charts today, in all the talent categories you want to see!

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater - Looking for the perfect activity to keep that three-year-old of yours "locked in" for more than an hour? Or maybe you're just an animal lover looking to see the next best thing in Vegas to Siegfried and Roy's trained tigers? A cast filled with trained, rescue animals and impressive circus acts, Gregory Popovich creates for a show that is so entertaining, this is a go-to for the entire family!

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that it would be impossible to ever find yourself feeling bored. Whether it's a nightclub, a show or a fun, unique class, we've brought you only the BEST options in entertainment to give you hours upon hours of enjoyment!

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