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Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas Attractions

The BEST attractions in Las Vegas can all be seen right here!

Looking for the place with all the Vegas hot spots? We are the site with THE selection of Vegas attractions and exciting activities! From production shows, to variety shows, to adult shows, to comedy shows, to magic shows, to musicals, all the way to bachelorette activities, the possibilities are endless! Why limit yourself? There are so many things to take advantage of while you're here!

The popular television show The Walking Dead sparked a zombie obsession throughout America. But what if zombies weren't pale, lifeless creatures? What if they were beautiful women dressed in 60's-style corsets, dancing choreographed burlesque dance routines?

Zombie Burlesque is a stage show attraction that makes for a sexy zombie experience! Hordes of beautiful female zombies try to take over the world in this comedic musical. This show makes the idea of a zombie world takeover not so bad! You won't see zombies anywhere else that look as good as this!

Is it possible that there's a show that has a bigger lineup than a cast filled with a group of zombies?

V - The Ultimate Variety Show definitely does! This show is packed with magic, music, comedy, and everything under the sun! This could be considered the "ultimate" in vacation attractions. The only variety show in Las Vegas, and one of the largest casts in a Vegas production, they put on a different show for audiences every night! This attraction gives you such a diverse group of entertainment, it would literally be impossible not to find something that strikes your interest in a show like this.

Can you guess what one of the biggest parts of a variety show is? Magic acts!

Magic acts play a huge role in what adds to the allure of a variety show. If the magicians in V - The Ultimate Variety Show were an eye-catcher for you, The Mentalist will be a mind-catching experience you won't be able to forget.

A complete stranger revealing all of your most personal facts? Sounds impossible, right? Wrong! Gerry McCambridge tells you everything there is know and much more. How could a stranger know personal information about me, you might ask? It's all part of the magic! Get your tickets to see The Mentalist and witness magic like you've never seen it before.

It's hard to believe that these are only a few of the many entertaining attractions we offer! Check out these attractions and many more for the most memorable and exciting Vegas experience.

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3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #454A Las Vegas, NV 89109 US
(866) 932-1818
V Theater Image
3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #360A Las Vegas, NV 89109 US
(866) 932-1818