Best Shows in Vegas

Best Show in Las Vegas

Experience Vegas like never before with our shows!

Give yourself a break from the desert heat and take a look at some of the best shows in Vegas! What makes our shows so unique is that there are SO many options and show genres for people to choose from! From magic shows, to comedy shows, to musicals, to variety shows, these shows are the perfect way to spice up your trip to Las Vegas! All conveniently located, these shows allow you to get the vacation of your dreams without ever having to leave the Strip!

Production Shows

Las Vegas Production Shows Las Vegas production shows have always been the beating heart of Las Vegas Entertainment. The lights, the music and the elaborate sets and costumes take the audience far from the city and immerse them in the production. These are just some of the things that come to mind when you think of a big Las Vegas production show. All of these elements combined with a compelling story make Las Vegas production shows a must see.

Variety Shows

Las Vegas Variety Shows

Imagine the best of the entertainment world all rolled into one. Sound great? Well, now you can experience it yourself at a Las Vegas Variety Show.

When introduced, the Las Vegas variety show pushed the boundaries of social satire and challenged the pace at which shows progressed. Now, the Las Vegas Variety show has become a staple in Las Vegas entertainment. Enjoy hand selected acts from across the globe as a charismatic host takes you back to the Vaudeville days, guiding the audience on a journey through all sorts of wild and crazy antics.

Las Vegas is an over-the-top city when it comes to entertainment. When you come to a Las Vegas variety show prepare to be blown away by a flurry of talent including magic, comedy, music, dancing, acrobatics, singing as well as some of the most unique talents the world has ever seen. Why spend money for three different shows when you can see the exact things you want to see, all in one show for one price.

Las Vegas entertainment is without a doubt the best in the world. Come see the best of the best shows in Las Vegas.

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Musical Shows

Las Vegas Musicals

Live music, expertly trained singers, incredible dancers and of course iconic showgirls. These are just some of the elements that one seeks when looking for a great Las Vegas musical show. Some musicals tell stories, others take you on a trip though time exploring a past era of sound.

One of the things that Las Vegas is known for is the attention to detail when it comes to live musical productions. Big bands often back the singers as iconic Vegas showgirls bring the music to life onstage. A lot of the Las Vegas musicals you see advertised are trying to mix in classic Las Vegas show themes with a modern twist.

Whatever your taste, there are plenty of choices you have when it comes to Las Vegas musicals.

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Magic Shows

Las Vegas Magic Shows

Las Vegas magic shows are the best in the world. If you want to be amazed beyond belief go to a Las Vegas magic show. On stage or close-up, the choice is up to you.

Las Vegas has more magic shows than any other city in the world. Spectacular stages, large-scale illusions and beautiful assistants work together to make Las Vegas magic shows truly phenomenal. Las Vegas magic shows take you on a visual and visceral journey unlike anything you have ever experienced.

If you are looking for a more intimate magic experience, check out the many close-up magic shows in Las Vegas. These take the intricate mysteries of the mind and present them in a relaxed environment where anything can happen. Sometimes the closer you are, the less you see.

With all the different magic shows around town there is bound to be something that will catch your eye.

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Adult Shows

Las Vegas Adult Shows

Las Vegas Adult entertainment has made a huge comeback after most family themes left the building. In fact, these days there are several Las Vegas adult shows worth seeing. These are not strip clubs, but full-on Las Vegas production shows that cater to an adult crowd. This is the edgy, racy side of entertainment in Las Vegas for adults only.

Las Vegas is known for its outstanding and often risqué entertainment. Everywhere you look there are burlesque shows, strip clubs and other adult themed entertainment options that you can enjoy.

Whether you are into topless vampires or looking for an adult themed comedy show, there are plenty of Las Vegas adult shows to unleash your wild side. Adult shows in Las Vegas cater not only to the fellas, but the ladies as well. Stripper 101 is great for ladies night and bachelorette parties, where girls can learn sexy moves and get inside secrets from real strippers and burlesque dancers in a fun and tasteful environment. Stripper 101 even offers a group package that includes tickets to Aussie Hunks, the hottest male revue in Las Vegas.

No matter the fantasy you are looking to live, Las Vegas adult shows can help you live it.

Pick up your Las Vegas show tickets right now and live on the wild side. Remember: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Comedy Shows

Las Vegas Comedy Shows

Looking for the best comedy shows in Las Vegas? You came to the right place. Over the years Las Vegas has become home for the top comedy shows in the country. For instance Las Vegas Live Comedy Club has gathered the funniest comedians from NY, Chicago, Vegas, Boston and L.A. to bring you one of the funniest comedy shows in Las Vegas. In Marc Savard’s Las Vegas comedy show, you will see hypnosis at its funniest as volunteers from the audience are mesmerized and compelled to follow every hilarious command. World Champion juggler and extraordinary animal trainer Gregory Popovich takes to the stage with more than 30 performing pets in Comedy Pet Theater, a Las Vegas comedy show for the whole family.

Check out our complete listing of Las Vegas Comedy Shows and find the Las Vegas show tickets that are perfect for you!

Bachelorette Shows

Las Vegas Bachelorette Parties

Are you and the girls are out for the night looking for something wild and crazy to do before your big day? Not to worry, Las Vegas is home to some of the best bachelorette parties in the country. Male dance revues, pole dancing classes, you name it.

Let your inhibitions loose and have a good time. After all, isn’t that what partying in Las Vegas is all about? There is plenty to do in Las Vegas that you will remember (or not remember) for the rest of your life. It’s your experience. Live it up and have a good time!

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