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Best Broadway Las Vegas Shows

Best Broadway Vegas Shows

Broadway fans look no further! Check out the best selection of Broadway shows that Las Vegas has to offer!

Who said you have to travel all the way to New York to see a Broadway show? Las Vegas is home to some of the most critically acclaimed Broadway shows and musicals. Whether you're looking to see a show with some of your favorite, classic musical numbers, or a fresh, new hit, the Strip offers so many musical options, you could never find your Broadway fix unmet!

Our top featured musical, VEGAS! The Show is the show that has everyone running to the Strip. In the world of Broadway, this show has it all! The era of jazz and everything "Las Vegas" comes to life in this production. The 50's and 60's inspired costumes, elaborate sets, and incredible choreography make for a Broadway extravaganza like no other on the Strip. Famous icons like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin who made their peak in fame when Broadway came on the scene years ago make their comeback on stage in front of audiences every night. Iconic Vegas duos like Siegfried and Roy and Sonny and Cher bring their stage show acts back to life in impersonations that are so spot on, you'll think you're seeing the real thing!

If seeing some of your favorite icons come to life in a musical isn't enough to make for the best Broadway experience on the Strip, maybe a musical filled with zombies and sexy costumes will be!

Zombie Burlesque is a risqué musical comedy unlike anything you have ever seen. With beautiful zombies, burlesque dancing, and raunchy musical numbers, this show is considered to be one of the most unique in Broadway productions. Beautiful, burlesque dancing zombies trying to take over the world? Sounds like a world takeover of the undead wouldn't exactly be such a horrifying experience! Aside from having such a unique show plot, you'll leave this show with your typical view of zombies changed!

Vegas icons and zombies aren't the only ones taking over the Strip.

A huge world icon is bringing his stage show to the Strip in one of the best tribute shows to the renowned King of Rock n Roll, you will ever see. ALL SHOOK UP takes you back to the days of Elvis Presley and lets you relive a time when one of the most legendary entertainers of all time made it big. Whether you're a longtime fan looking to hear some of your favorite, classic songs, or a new fan wanting to see what mom and dad have been raving about all these years, ALL SHOOK UP makes all this "new age" music sound like old news.

We bring you the best of Broadway all on the Las Vegas Strip. If you're a lover of Broadway shows and musicals, why spend a fortune on a show when you don't need to? The Strip offers a selection of shows you can't find anywhere else. Aside from the shows mentioned, we have so many more shows and musical options for you to enjoy! Why wait? Get your tickets now and enjoy some of the best shows Las Vegas has to offer!

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