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The Mentalist

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Best of Las Vegas 2014

The Mentalist 7:30pm Except Wednesday

You have seen him on the hit TV show Phenomenon; now see him live in Las Vegas! Gerry McCambridge stars in “The Mentalist”. McCambridge was nominated “Best Magician in Las Vegas” and recently voted “Worlds Best Entertainer” in his field. Now is your chance to see the incredible magic, mindreading and comedy of The Mentalist.

The Mentalist takes the audience on a wild ride through their own minds and the minds of others with tons of audience interaction. Gerry McCambridge is able to pull random information from everyone’s head including their addresses, names of pets and even their birthdays. In between the mindreading Gerry performs some mind-blowing magic that will leave you scratching your head and wondering, “How did he do that?” This show is perfect for all ages. You can watch the show or be part of the action. It is totally up to you.

Having been featured on The Today Show, David Letterman and on CNBC, Gerry McCambridge you will not want to miss all of the mindreading and magic of The Mentalist. Pick up your tickets now!

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Who is the Mentalist?

The mentalist is none other than Gerry McCambridge, the original Mentalist who was voted World’s Best Entertainer!

So what is the show about?

Well the show will consist of Gerry McCambridge taking volunteers from the audience and displaying his unique and one a kind mindreading abilities, as well as a few other treats that will leave your jaw on the floor!

How long does the show run?

Usually around 75 minutes.

Where is the Mentalist located?

The Mentalist will be playing at V Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, but the show isn’t in the main theater, it is in the theater to the left above the box office called the V2.

Is this show ok for kids?

The Mentalist is great for any age, kids will experience a display unlike anything they have ever seen when witnessing The Mentalist in action!

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