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V Card: The Vegas Nightclub Pass $149.99

You and your friends are in Vegas for a week. You want to hit all the clubs and bars and really experience the best of Las Vegas nightlife. Here is the problem: you don’t want to spend a ton of money and you don’t want to wait on all of those long lines. There is a solution. Say hello to the V Card: The Vegas Nightlife Pass.

With the V Card: Vegas Nightlife Pass, you get the best of everything. All the bars, nightclubs, dayclubs, pools, lounges and strip clubs; all for one low price. You get to live like a true VIP and not have to worry about all the hassle or spending a lot of money. One card gets you everything you need to have a truly unforgettable Vegas experience.

A deal like this could not have been made possible without a multitude of venues allowing for such unprecedented access. You will not be able to find deals like this anywhere else in Las Vegas. V Card: The Vegas Nightclub Pass really is the all-access pass to the best nightlife in town. Here is the best part: the card does not expire. That’s right. You can use the V Card whenever you are in town. Here are just some of the deals that you will be able to experience with the V Card”

Share the love! V Card: The Vegas Nightlife Pass makes a great gift for birthdays, bachelor parties and more! Pick up your V Card and enjoy life as a true Vegas VIP.


What is included in the V Card?

The V Card is a collection of more than 25 nightlife & daylife passes valid for one-time use FREE admission at each participating venue. Each pass will be collected by the venue staff upon redemption. Go here for a complete list of venues

How do I use the V Card?

When you receive your V Card and passes, please sign your name on the back of the black plastic card. When redeeming your passes at a specific venue, please show the staff member your black plastic card along with the venue pass. The staff member will then collect your venue pass and allow you entry into the venue.

How long are the V Card Passes valid?

The V Card individual passes never expire, and are good for as long as the venue is participating in the V Card program. For example, you can use a few of your passes for your upcoming trip to Las Vegas, and save the rest of the passes for your next trip to Las Vegas.

What are the offers at each venue?

Each venue has a different offer. The nightclubs, ultra lounges, dayclub pools, and gentlemen's clubs passes are for one-time FREE Admission with VIP line access. Most of the bar passes are drink specials, such as 2 for 1 cocktails. Other offers include complementary limousine/shuttle service, and much more. Refer to our venues page and hover your mouse over the desired venue to reveal specific details and offers.

Do we have to wait in line?

The V Card is for complimentary admission to the VIP lines, at venues with both a VIP Line and General Admission Line. VIP lines are significantly shorter than the general admission lines, so wait times should not be that long.

Will we have to pay a cover charge at the venues?

No. Cover charges are included with each V Card venue passes, so entry is FREE.

Are there any rules and regulations?

Each venue has specific rules and regulations stated on the back of each pass. Although, V Card offers FREE VIP line admission, the venue management reserves all rights in regards to redemption and entry. Some rules and regulations include: dress code restrictions, venue capacity, blackout dates, time of night, etc. Please refer to the venues' webpage for more on its rules and regulations. Call venues before arriving to check for V Card blackout dates.

What are the dress codes for the venues?

Each venue has rules and regulations pertaining to their specific dress codes. Keep in mind, some allow entry with casual attire, while others require upscale dressy attire. Nightclubs are very particular with their dress code, so make sure you dress appropriately. Contact the specific venue for more information. Rule of thumb: Ladies wear a cocktail dress and heels (Bring some flats in your purse, don’t be that barefoot girl in the club) and Guys wear a collared shirt and leather dress shoes and you should be fine.

Is there an age restriction to the V Card?

Yes. You must be 21 years of age or older to use the V Card.

Are there specific times of day I can use my V Card passes?

Some venues have time restrictions for redemption of the passes. Make sure to check the back of each card to verify the time restrictions. To ensure easy entry, try to get to the nightclubs early in the night. Venue hours of operation are also stated on the back of each venue card. Call venues before arriving to check for V Card blackout dates.

Are the dayclub pools open year-round?

No. Unfortunately, Las Vegas gets very cold during the winter months and all of the dayclub pools close for the season. The good news is, the passes never expire, so you can use them when you come back to Las Vegas during the warmer seasons. Contact each pool venue to see what dates they will be in operation.

How do I get the V Card?

You can purchase the V Card either online or from our physical locations in Las Vegas. When ordering online, be sure to pick it up from our store locations when you get to Las Vegas.

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V Card: The Vegas Nightclub Pass
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